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The Masterpiece is you, is the online contemporary art gallery by Roberta Pinna where you can find originals, limited editions and mixed media works.  Roberta Pinna, is an Italian national contemporary artist and art adviser whose work explores gender, sexuality and identity in the signature palette of gentle tones and monochromes. She is most known for her paintings of flying silhouettes. Pinna is widely associated with the re-emergence of the figurative and decorative in contemporary art. Roberta Pinna is known for her silhouettes and divers illustrated in a minimalist style.  Each work is the result of a meditative but rigorous process of applying a layer of color several times to capture a specific tone that recalls feelings and emotions. Her color choice is designed to evoke the meditative effect of being suspended in time watching the sky whilst her choice of material and subject are typically indicative of Minimalism. Collections are inspired by Roberta's motto " Turn a fall into a flight"  and explore the never ending process of personal growth. Pinna's work has been requested for key collections. Her work is featured in a range of public and private collections, including permanent collections at P&O Cruises, Rizzoli Publishing, Amazon, J.P Morgan, Mediolanum Bank, Centro Medico Sant' Agostino Milano, City Bank.